#ksworldtour – Tallinn Edition

In October #ksworldtour heads to Tallinn - the beautiful capital of Estonia. Throughout the month we´ll show you the best this city has to offer.
Tallinn is special for the brand not only because it´s the birthplace of Kriss but also because this is where all the Kriss Soonik collections are manufactured.
The highlight of the month will be the Kriss Soonik fashion show on the 23rd October at Tallinn Fashion Week, where the brand has been nominated for Kuldnõel - Fashion Designer of the Year award. On top of the AW14 collection we´ll be showing some brand new pieces made especially for the show. Fingers crossed.
Last year we sent the 7 dwarfs on stage. Who knows what happens this year? We´ll sure keep you posted with all behind the scenes activities on social media.
Kriss Soonik Tallinn Fashion Week
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Illustration by Kati Stimmer