The Shoot That Never Was

Last July we organised one of the coolest shoots yet. Merlin, our gorgeous long-limbed model, played a sexy gazelle getting caught by car headlights. A magical voodoo atmosphere on a wild Estonian beach. Where is she coming from? Where is she going to? Is she a girl or an animal?
The preparations took us to a flea market where we found the skull (animal still unknown), we spray painted all our swimming gear from last year´s beach shoot black, booked a hound dog as a model and Kristel, our photographer, made me study this article about building perfect sandcastles.
We even had calculated the exact time when the shoot had to take place, so that it wouldn´t be too bright or too dark, just the perfect Nordic summer sunset. Despite the masses of mosquitoes, the shoot was a success and we couldn´t wait to see the results.
But looking back it seems like the black magic spell from the shoot stayed on us. I received a phone call from Kristel a couple of days after the shoot saying that her computer had crashed and she couldn´t recover the high-res images. All we could retrieve were the tiny icons. Makes you think that someone didn´t want the world to see the images...
But luckily we had Triin filming the whole thing and have now got a great behind the scenes movie that gives a nice overview of the nature of our “ghost” shoot.

I want to send my apologies to our whole team involved in the shoot. Merlin, Sille, Kirki, Britta, Triin, Evelin, Joosep, Joonathan, the Dog – you were wicked! I know that you could have spent the evening fighting the annoying mosquitoes somewhere else but you were there and you were amazing. Thanks for your help! We promise that we are already backing up all our images the minute they are being taken.
Kriss x