Behind the Scenes: Get Your Rabbit Out

The AW14 campaign shoot has been inspired by our title of the collection “Get your rabbit out”.
Yes, we know that this sentence has many meanings. Some naughtier than others. But for us it´s all about the Estonian expression “Get the rabbit out of your trousers” which means be yourself, be brave and get out there!
It´s usually the women who are shown as fragile creatures but in this shoot the tables have turned. It´s the girl with the strong character, an independent creature. She enjoys her own company. She´s a mysterious spirit, who´s into voodoo and witchcraft. Maybe she is a werewolf. Maybe not.
The bunny boy is a fragile character. He is cute and adorable but not strong enough to get the girl. Only when the girl decides to want him, she´ll take him. He has to build a strong character for himself to be desirable. So his only way of getting into the girl´s house is by letting go of his fears and be brave.
And then after teasing, the pleasing will arrive...
See the full campaign shoot here
And watch the behind the scenes video below.