Flash Interviews: Insiders Guide to Paris & Fishnet Lingerie

On our last trip to Paris we talked about lingerie and life in Paris with 2 amazing women living and working in the French capital.
Florence Abelin is the owner of our stockist Mise En Cage - one of the most luxurious private lingerie boutiques in Paris. On top of being a boutique owner she´s also a stylist, will launch her very sexy lingerie line in September and runs a PR agency. We always receive the most amazing photos of our pieces from Florence. Like the above image of the red Silvia & Maike Fishnet Set. Adore!
What do you think why do Mise en Cage customers like Kriss Soonik?
I think my clients like Kriss Soonik brand because the design is very simple with lovely signature details like the gold button and the black bow. It is very easy to wear everyday and the tops can be also be worn as outwear in the summer combined with denim dungarees or an open white shirt.
What are the best-sellers from the collection?
The best-sellers from the collection are definitely the fishnet style in red and black.
Insider tip to Paris?
My fave address in Paris is definitely Shine concept store located in le Marais 15 rue de Poitou. I really like their brands selection: Carven, Kenzo, Alexander Wang… I also love the department store le Bon Marché that selects high end pret-à-porter and accessories designers and of course I would reckon Mise en Cage private boutique as the most luxurious and the best lingerie boutique in Paris.
[caption id="attachment_7478" align="aligncenter" width="1203"]miseencage_fishnet Mise en Cage Lingerie Boutique in Paris[/caption]
Mari Lakspere is an equally busy woman. On top of having a dream job of working for one of the wizards of fashion - Alaïa, she also runs her own beauty company. We managed to grab her for 5 minutes and ask these quick questions.
What is your favourite piece from the Kriss Soonik collections?
Susan Motion Body in different styles and textures, especially the fishnet version!
How do you style your Kriss Soonik pieces?
I wear the bodies under sleeveless dresses. I have several Alaļa and Givenchy dresses that look quite 'open' and a lace body adds the right touch to my outfit... a lace body under a simple well cut black dress gives also the right finishing for the evening!

3 favourite places in Paris?
1) Open air terrace on the top of Hotel Raphael in summertime, 5 min walk from the Arc de Triomphe.
2) Open air market on Rue Cler in the 7th - fresh fruit and veggie outlets mixed with french cafés, ideal place at the weekends for the fruit shopping and meeting friends!
3) Restaurant 'Chez Janou' in the Marais neighbourhood, close to Place des Vosges, reasonably priced lively Provencal bistro. Highly recommended to make a reservation.
[caption id="attachment_7478" align="aligncenter" width="1203"]Hotel Raphael Terrace in Paris Hotel Raphael Terrace in Paris[/caption]
Cover image credits:
Photographer: Pierre Dal Corso Photography
Art director: Florence Abelin
Styled by: Gemma Fottiti, Mickaël Sabbah - Mise en Cage