14th birthday

At your service since 2009. Happy birthday to us 

To celebrate our 14th birthday, I picked 14 of my favourite shots from our campaigns over the years. View the reel on Instagram:

Thank you everyone for bringing the vision alive all these years: Sandra Palm, Getter Raiend, Jaanar and Kristel Raesaar for the photo skills. Johanna Oden for your amazing styling work. Helen Sirp for your set design skills. 

All our beautiful models for being kick-ass cool cats Getter Puu, Kevad Belle, Liis Teemusk, Ingel Kristen, Mari-Liis Fridolin, Ave Rohtla, Ellu Arula, Mara, Havana Plevani, Sai Bennett.

Thank you girls!

Here's to many more 🥂 

Kriss xx
Kriss Soonik Birthday
Kriss Soonik BirthdayKriss Soonik BirthdayMy pics by the super talented Iris Kivisalu for Tallinn Design House