2017 Highlights

2017 has been a challenging year. The world around us is moving faster and faster and changing at high speed. For me and the brand it has also been a year of changes. But even though change is scary, it´s also good and I believe that we have built something exciting for the years ahead.
I thank all our customers for your ongoing support and love. Without you we wouldn´t be here. Thank you and have a fantastic 2018!

Here are 5 of my highlights from 2017.


Cover of fashion magazine Anne & Stiil
The year started with a bang when I became the cover girl for one of Estonia´s top selling fashion magazines Anne & Stiil. My husband didn´t recognise me on the cover which was probably the highlight of it all.


Tokyo pop-up at Rocket in Omotesando
Tokyo is the centre for most of our activities and we do a lot of pop-ups there but this one was extra special. The pop-up at Rocket Gallery in Omotesando was the first standalone pop-up boutique we have ever done. We had such a fun "Caribbean Dreaming" themed opening event sipping Mai Tais and grooving to good rhythms.


London Shoreditch pop-up
While we organise a lot of pop-up shops in Tokyo then we hadn´t had one in London for years. We could almost say it was our first pop-up there. Our little shop in London´s fashionable Shoreditch became the "Garden of Naughty Delights" for a week. Conceptual designer Helen Sirp brought this theme to life with lots of plants, a green house and cute gardening gadgets.


Baby Likes To Pony x Kriss Soonik collaboration
We created a capsule collection for one of the coolest lingerie boutiques in Australia (and probably the whole world) - Baby Likes To Pony. It´s fierce and sexy and I love everything about it. The highlight of the range is a fishnet hooded bra that was sold out even before it arrived in store. More stock coming soon :)


Tallinn Studio Opening
The very highlight of the year was opening our first ever space. A creative hub where our collections are created and made, and where our customers can visit us and buy our designs. With the brand turning 9 in January, it felt like the right time to take a step closer to our customers and get to know them better. The 200m2 space, designed by the interior design wizard Katrin Emmus, is spacious and light and has all the same quirky details that our collections have.