Behind the Scenes: AW15 Moodboard. Vol.1

The first new range of AW15 to launch this week is the grey knit jersey. When designing the collection I wanted to include something cosy yet chic. This Italian knit fabric is ideal - it feels rich and tactile, like wool, while also being utterly soft, breathable, and comfy. Perfect from home to office.
Even though initially the range leaves a casual impression, all styles have a sexy detail to them. Laura Shorts and long harem trousers have cool cut-out details on sides, Katrin tank top has been decorated with suspender details and small satin bows, and the Kriss Soonik signature long-sleeved Kristel suspender top as we already know has suspenders at the bottom of the top. And of course for Emily bra and knickers sexy can be taken for granted. All pieces have been decorated with our brand new black cat metal label.
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It´s a range that can easily be mixed and matched. Be as playful with it as you wish!