Between the sheets: Laura

‘’Between the sheets’’ is a new honest series on our blog where we bring together KS lingerie worn by real ladies,
lots of girl-talk & some of their beauty tips & tricks.
Meet Laura - working at PR & mother of a cat-sized dog Pluto. She is a warm soul who loves taking care of others.


Have you ever got into a funny or awkward lingerie situation?
As I tend to be in a hurry very often, it might happen that I wear my underwear inside out ?

What do you love about your body? Anything special you're doing for it this year?
Like all, so have I insecurities about my body image. Lately, on a far more meaningful level than this paragraph can incorporate, I have come to realise that more important than the visual which your body represents, is the gratitude for it. Gratitude for being there for you every day and hopefully letting you live the best life. This year I promise to love my body even more!

Name a beauty product or trick you brought with you to the new year.
My all time favorite beauty product is the Estonian made Naude Naturals all vegan deo paste.

Favorite song of the month:
Seinabo Sey - Shores



Laura wore:
Alison Lace Bra – Grey, Ellu Striped Velvet Body – Black, Katwoman Initial T-Shirt, Susan Lace Knickers – Grey,
Ilona Modal Bra – Grey, Ellu Modal Knickers – Grey