Between the sheets: Liisi

‘’Between the sheets’’ is an honest series on our blog where we bring together KS lingerie worn by real ladies,
lots of girl-talk & some of their beauty tips & tricks.

 Meet Liisi - a music & PR manager, DJ and a music columnist. She has been working in the music industry over a decade and is definitely one of the coolest chicks we know! Liisi has worked at the Baltic branch of the record company Universal Music. However, in 2017 she made the decision to work as a freelancer. Her job as a PR & music manager includes encouraging the work of local bands and artists.


In her DJing performances Liisi shares her passion for soul music, funk, R&B, hip-hop and new sound symbiosis of these genres. Everything with bass, groove and juiciness vibrates into the speaker. Music flows in her soul and veins. It is something that defines her and what she’s the most passionate about.


Photos taken by Johanna Oden

How did you end up in the music business?
To tell it all, it goes back to my father. He was a freelance musician when I was growing up and had a whole room in our house where he built his small home studio and stored all new instruments and equipment. It was early 1990s so those things weren't that common at that time and I guess it all captured my interest. He was always humming new tunes at home or playing guitar at all the family events. Me and my mom also went with him when he performed at events and I only remember I danced from the beginning of the party 'til the end, way past my bedtime during those childhood summers (thank you, mom!). I was always sweating through my special only-for-party dresses and kicked off my shiny little shoes to go all in barefoot already when I was like 5. And well, that hasn't changed when I go dancing! So yeah, my mom got the hint and put me to dance classes when I was five. And I danced and performed until I was about 23. At that time - 10 years ago - I started DJing, just kind of stumbled upon it at my friend's house who is a DJ and had a set of turntables and mixer at home and basically I just wanted to try how it feels to mix two songs together. From the first moment I was addicted. And that's how I'm still DJing 10 years later, having found my vibe and niche and people who dig it. It's a whole special element for me for which I'm so grateful. But the business side.. I studied PR and was DJing during college, so I was already moving around our small music world and met the right people. I worked at a live agency (Live Nation) and then at a major record label (Universal Music). As I'm a free bohemian soul, 5 years ago I chose to go freelance. One thing led to another and after doing PR for artists and concerts, for the past three years I've also been working as the manager for singer-songwriter Anett. It's the coolest ride!

How did you decide to move to a small Estonian seaside town called Võsu?
Our home is my partner's childhood summer house. We both grew up spending a lot of time in nature. So even before moving here and living in the city, we still came weekly through-out the year, just to get the calming time-lengthening sensation this place has. So when the pandemic hit, we came here and just.. didn't leave. This place even inspired me to write a poem to Võsu and it ended up as lyrics for Anett's song "Never Want to Leave". I've said it all in that song. Now go stream it to find out, haha..

What is your favourite item from Kriss Soonik collections and why?
It has to be the kimono jacket! The comfiest yet chic and funky looking thing to float in. I'm a sucker for comfort yet for something with a twist. This item has it all. And that combination applies for Kriss Soonik in general I believe.

Have you ever got into a funny or awkward lingerie situation?
The first thing that comes to my mind is a memory from when I was about 12. I was a dancer and performed at our yearly spring show when during one dance number I danced so hard that my pants broke from the seam on the butt. I felt it, and even others HEARD the rip, and couldn't stop laughing inside, but had to stay cool and in character on stage and keep going. It kind of ralates to a lingerie situation, because my kiddie undies were out to see for everyone for those 3 minutes or so.

Your favourite song right now?
I'm obsessed with a couple of acts at the moment. Black Pumas, since I finally got to see them live in June and it was hypnotic. HAIM as my favourite band that combine so many favourite genres from r&b to rock; and Maggie Rogers, as she returns with her new album after a few years. They all create and live in such a unique element!