Between the Sheets: Marii

‘’Between the sheets’’ is an honest series on our blog where we bring together KS lingerie worn by real ladies,
lots of girl-talk & some of their beauty tips & tricks.
This editorial took it's sheets to the beach as our star is total Sun child. Meet mermaid Marii, who seem to love the sea more than indoors and whose energy and openness make you feel you have known each other from childhood. Between the Sheets series location for this editorial is sea side as Marii is one of those crazy Estonians who do cold swims for fun.

Photos taken by Johanna Oden.


Have you ever got into a funny or awkward lingerie situation?
On my Uni graduation day I travelled to Tallinn from my hometown for hairdressers and was planning to get dressed at the salon and head straight to the main event. The fabric of my dress needed completely seamless underwear.. long story short I forgot to take the right lingerie and by the time i realised it was too late - I had to go commando. I will forever remember my moms face when she realised I wasn’t wearing anything underneath when she hugged me after the ceremony. “I know you’re a free spirit, but here!? really!?”

Manifestation for the future. Where would you be if you could at this moment?
Either in Ruhnu - one of my favourite hideaways in Estonia or in the middle of the Red Sea with no reception - diving.

What do you love about your body? Anything special you're doing for it this year?
I love that my body is always guiding me through life situations. Either a relationship or a stressful period at work.. she always gives me signs when to back off or when she’s happy. I have learned to love every single thing about my body. This year I’m also taking action whenever she gives me signs - i truly listen to her & it feels more and more like a true friendship.

Share your favourite comfort-food recipe?
OatFit bread from Leiburi toasted - I add vegan mayo from Salvest, a smashed avocado. On top I cut open one free range boiled egg (5 minutes!) I add some more mayo, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Couple of drops of olive oil et voilà.

Song to always dance along to?
Walk in the room by Jackson Englund and TÂCHES & Blinding lights by The Weekend.
Anything that gets energy flowing, hips moving and makes me feel a bit cheeky. Cheeky or badass.

Marii wears Kriss Soonik beachwear. Explore here.