Meet Getter Kuusmaa

If you´ve wondered where our cool AW16 campaign video came from, then Getter is the one to be blamed.
Me and Getter grew up together cheering for our fathers by the basketball court. She has always been such a positive, energetic and inspiring girl! It´s not always easy to find videographers who get our quirky sense of humour but with Getter it all came very naturally. Her photography and video work already had the same vibe.
So please let me introduce you to the newest member of the Kriss Soonik squad - Getter Kuusmaa.
Photo by Marit Martin
Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m a freelance photo/videographer and a full time mother to a special little girl - Karlotta. I'm crazy about Estonian design and ice-cream.
How would you describe your personal style?
Rainy days - Hunter boots, winter days - Dr.Martens and all the other days - Adidas trainers. Minimalistic and simple but with a little twist. And I try to always have something on by an Estonian designer.
How did you end up working with Kriss?
Me and Kriss actually know each other from our childhood, running around at Kalev sports arena. But she contacted me this spring and when she did I jumped up and down from happiness.
If you weren’t a videographer/photographer, you would be…
...a world famous athlete :)
What inspires you?
Great design, fun and awesome people, my family and friends. Sometimes a great movie or a good book/magazine. People who overcome difficulties in their lives.
What ́s your personal favorite piece from Kriss’s collections and why?
The Susan Body - I can just wear it with everything and it’s amazing!