Meet Katrin

When I turned 30 I thought I won´t make any new best friends. It seemed impossible. How do you bond with new people like that when you´re a grown-up? And then along came Katrin.
She was a breath of fresh air. She was a set designer at an event we worked together on in Berlin and the connection was immediate. Who else would wear plastic pointy fairy ears at an embassy reception than me? But Katrin was the one who prepared and brought them along hoping someone dorky would wear them.
So far the biggest project we´ve worked on together has been my wedding where Katrin was in charge of set design. She is one of the most professional people I know. So when she told me to relax because she had everything under control, I actually believed her and the results were amazing. It helps that she has a great sense of style, that´s also a bit quirky.
She´s a rare gem and that´s why today I present you the real Katrin behind the top.
Name: Katrin Emmus
Age: 31
Occupation: Interior architect, Set designer
Tell us a litle bit about your personal style.
It's become more feminine in the last years. Skirts and dresses, girly and elegant tops have occupied most of my closet by now. I love mixing ladylike clothes with rough details. Like my favourite leather jacket or a pair of shabby boots. And also my hair has always played an extremely important part in my style - I like changing it's appearance quite often. Friends call me a chameleon :)
What kind of things/people inspire you?
A creative person needs a muse in his/her life - either it's a place, a season, a thing (like food or music) or a person. I'm no different - my Muse is new experiences that freshen my thoughts and open my eyes. The thirst for adventures and knowledge is endless.
I know that you have two cool tattoos on your hands - what do they symbolize for you?
The tattoos on my forearms are both texts in my mother tongue - Estonian. They remind me of good things and good people in my life. One of my dearest friend's words to me I have translated into Estonian and put on my left arm. It's something very simple, but yet so hard to say in our everyday lives: "You are good" (et. "Sa oled hea").
What's your favourite piece from the Kriss Soonik collections? Why?
The moment I wake up every morning, I wrap myself into Glitter Wings Wrap. Everyone knows how important mornings are, and my Kriss Soonik outfit gives me the "just-woke-up-like-that" confident feeling instantly.
What's the best advice you've ever been given?
Be good, be polite but always be yourself!
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