Meet Nele Pandis

This month I´d like to introduce you our hair & make-up wizard – Nele Pandis. I have now worked with Nele for a couple of years on different look book and campaign shoots, and I must say that I haven´t met a more positive, organised and hard-working person in my life. And she does it all with such ease! It must help that she is super talented!Nele_Pandis
Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist. I’m the definition of a workaholic but sometimes I just sit on a plane and leave everything behind me and go to a beach somewhere far far away.
How would you describe your personal style?
The color black is not foreign to me. All the shades of gray in between black and white are welcome to my closet. Obsessed with sneakers and feeling comfortable.
How did you end up working with Kriss?
About 3 years ago photographer Jaanar Nikker brought me into the fold so to say and the magic hasn’t stopped.
If you weren't a make-up artist, you would be...
If I weren’t a makeup artist I would love to be a writer. I’m not good at it and not nearly creative enough but I just love the thought of sitting with my laptop or notebook in a coffee shop or a small cabin by the beach and just let my imagination run wild.
What inspires you?
I’m inspired by people. Their stories and their faces. I spend my time people watching and sometimes I feel like a creep because of it but I just can’t help myself – human beings are just so damn fascinating.
What ́s your personal favorite piece from Kriss's collections and why?
As black is probably the only color I accept in my life and I love turtlenecks then my personal favorite is the black Kristel Turtleneck Suspender Top.
Nele_blogdPhotographer: Sandra Palm
Model: Ave/ MJ Models


Photographer: Riina Varol
Model: Erika Annely/ Living Models
nele_blog3aPhotographer: Sandra Palm
Stylist: Johanna Eenma
Model: Mari-Liis/ E.M.A Model Management