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So Johanna asked what is my quarantine life like. To be honest, to us it´s "business as usual". If you have a 1 year old and you're already working from home, life is pretty much living in quarantine. But now daddy´s home as well.


At first the lockdown was a huge shock, I got really worried and stressed. I´m a planner, so if I don´t know how long this is going to last, it makes me anxious. But then I stopped reading the news and focused on the good stuff. Yes, being in London, not knowing when I get to see my parents again, who are back in Estonia, made me sad. But there is internet and our daily calls keep the spirits up on both sides. We go for walks and spend time as a family.

I did question the need for our brand's existence. "Why do people need another fashion brand in a time like this?". What I realised was that now more than ever we need beauty, originality and fun around us. We need good design, music and dance.
We need pretty distractions.
Right now our superpower is making women smile. This is what we have done from the very beginning. When I started Kriss Soonik in 2009 during the economic crisis, we got the attention because we were bold and we stood out. In times like these we need less. When we buy new clothes, let´s be mindful and buy something that will really make us smile, that will help us be better versions of ourselves. Let´s support originality, sustainability and good design.

What do I want to achieve during this lockdown? I promise not to be lazy. I promise to design, design, design. So that you can have the coolest and most beautiful pieces to wear in Autumn and Winter.

As a thank you for your ongoing support we are sharing the love this weekend and giving 20% off everything
on our website with code: LOVE.
Thank you to our customers and fans all over the world. Can´t wait to see you again :)

Kriss xx