Gift Guide 2020

#krissmas returns also in 2020! Let us introduce you the buzz words from our collections this holiday season.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide

Velvety Dreams

From smooth velvet lingerie to the comfy velour dressing gowns, velvety is definitely the strongest word in our gift guide this year.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide Velvet

Original Abstracat

Our new signature tulle fabric with splashes of velvet paint is our pick for a bold and fashion-forward gift.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide Party Outfit Abstracat

The Classics

There are some things that never go out of style. Like our Kristel Turtleneck Suspender Top. It´s a must-have for a reason.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide Suspender Top

KS x Toku Sandals

Grooving in your living room is the new going out. So add a pair of woollen socks to our leather sandals and dance the night away.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide Suspender Top TOKU Sandals

Gift cards

Can´t decide? There´s no shame in slipping a Kriss Soonik gift card under the Christmas tree. Choosing something for myself after getting gifts for everyone else sounds very refreshing.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide Suspender Top Gift Card Sleeping Mask Cat