Ordinary women with super powers

When I started my eponymous label today exactly 5 years ago I used the slogan "Simple Girls with Super Powers". I loved it as it perfectly described what we were all about. But then native English speakers started telling me that even though the sentence was fun, the term "simple girls" might be misunderstood... So of course sadly but quickly I decided to get rid of the slogan.
But behind the scenes this mantra has lived on. Girls have grown into women and simple changed into ordinary, but for me the idea behind the collections has remained the same.
So what lies behind this sentence? Don´t want to ruin the surprise, but superwomen don´t exist. There are just women who work hard, generate bright ideas, become experts in what they do best. But no-one has the time to be perfect on every level. Perfect is so last season anyway.
I support the misfits, the quirky and awkward. Girls who are sexy but most of the time have no idea about it. Those who dare to be different, and most of all experiment and push boundaries.
These are the women I design for. These are the real ordinary women with super powers.
Most of the 5 years I have spent travelling the world, meeting incredible women along the way. Women who run their businesses while getting married, having kids and looking damn hot. These are women just like you and me who dream big and want to make the most of their lives. Many of them have inspired me so much that I have even named designs after them.
So in 2014 I decided to visit the cities that have mattered to me most on the journey so far – New York, Tallinn, Tokyo, London - and introduce these inspirational women to you. Of course, not fogetting to share all our new loungerie designs along the way.
Kriss Soonik World Tour kicks off in February with New York. We´ll host a special birthday event with one of the best lingerie stores in the world - Journelle – celebrating the start of New York Fashion Week. Then throughout February we´ll be sharing our favourite things about New York and give insider tips from our friends in the Big Apple.
Let´s celebrate the year of the "ordinary women with super powers" and join us on #ksworldtour 2014!
Kriss x
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On the picture from right: Alison, founder of LA luxury lingerie boutique Faire Frou Frou, Lindsay from lingerie blog That Je Ne Sais Quoi, Ari from luxury loungewear brand Ari Dein, Kriss, and Sarah from fashion blog Style on the Couch.
Fabulous ladies from the knickers business in New York. August 2012.