3 reasons to love the Kristel Polo Suspender T-shirt

It´s not very often that we dedicate one full post to an item from our collections but the Kristel Polo Suspender T-shirt, and Kristel Polo Suspender Tank Top, deserve it.
It took me a couple of seasons to get the design finalised. I had been flirting with the idea for ages but wanted to be sure that when I started redesigning such a classic as is the pique polo t-shirt, then it had to become perfect. It started with finding the right fabric, getting the details, and of course the overall look, right. New Yorkers quickly named the style "preppy sexy". Apparently it´s very hard to do...
And looking back, launching it for SS14, the timing couldn´t be better with the sports luxe trend causing a stir in the fashion world.
So here are 3 reasons why I have fallen head over heels for the t-shirt and how you could incorporate it into your daily wardrobe:
1. Fun
The suspender details give an old classic a completely new look. The puff-sleeves balance the sexiness levels, so the result feels more cool and sporty than in-your-face sexy. Wear it on top of your skirt or jeans for a fun, fabulous look.
2. Practical
If you don´t dare to wear the suspenders outside, then you can always wear them hidden under you skirt or jeans without stockings. What others will see is a gorgeous, feminine, well-cut polo t-shirt with pearl buttons and puffy sleeves.
3. Sexy
Or you can wear the top under your skirt with stockings bringing a power touch to the traditional polo t-shirt. No one except you knows what´s hidden under your skirt. And it´s completely up to the wearer to reveal it at the right time. Or not...
Kriss Soonik Kristel Polo Suspender T-shirt
From catwalk to real life - Kristel Polo Suspender T-shirt