Meet the Original Susan

Every piece in our collection has been named after a woman who has inspired me on my journey as a designer. Here I would like to introduce you to my best friend Susan. Why was our best-selling bodysuit named after her? Easy - Susan has the most amazing butterflies tattooed on her back. The open back makes it perfect to show them off. But the bodysuit is also tough, cool, feminine and sexy and I think you can characterise Susan with the same words.
But who really is the real Susan? Here´s a flash interview with her.
Name: Susan Luitsalu
Age: 30
Job: TV producer, writer, published author
Define your style in three words.
Effortlessly cool, obviously
Your style muse?
Kate Moss
Your music obsession?
Tracks that I associate with positive feelings, memories, friends. They vary from Motorhead to Arvo Pärt.
Favourite travel destination?
I'm addicted to travel, so it's very hard to say. I prefer new locations but I also get kind of twitchy when I haven't been to London for a while. And I like Kiev and get excited about Baku. And have wet dreams about Greek islands. I long for New York and can't live without Dubai. I need to snowboard.
What´s on your bucket list?
I'm too spontaneus for bucket lists (read: too busy to commit to one). I make a new and very short one whenever I get some time off. This summer I want to go to the tundra in Lapland, see the midnight sun and eat in the Fäviken Magasinet restaurant which is the 19th best restaurant in the world in the middle of nowhere in Sweden.
How do you wear you Susan Motion bodysuit?
I pair a black one with black trousers anrd wear extremely high heels. Or wear a golden one under a tuxedo jacket for a night out.
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Susan in Susan Motion Black
Images by Marko Russiver.