That pink fluffy dressing gown saga...

When I was 25 I found out in horror that I was still wearing a pink fluffy dressing gown with blue penguins. “Oh god, I am a lingerie designer creating gorgeous little underthings and I am wearing this thing at home?” But what can I do when I am not the silk gown wearing type? Not in the Autumn/Winter/Spring cycle at least. Then I love practical, comfortable and warm things.
I started looking around and found that there definitely wasn´t anything on the market that could satisfy my taste buds. And that´s when my dressing gown fetish started.
In search of that perfect gown, I met with other like-minded women and heard that they usually had 2 gowns - a luxurious silk satin gown for seducing someone or greeting the postman (often the same thing) and the embarrassing fluffy one that no-one´s allowed to see but you. But what happens when it´s cold and you want to seduce someone? Or when the postman comes when you´re wearing the wrong gown?
And seduction aside, what about me? If I'm wearing stylish clothes outside, why on earth should I change into something boring or fluffy and pink with hearts on at home? Why can't I go home and put on something that extends the aesthetic pleasure, being soft and comfortable at the same time? The answer at that time was simple - there really just wasn´t anything on the market! All velour gown manufacturers wanted to turn women into these cute adorable creatures that had to wear a sign “I love lollipop” on the back.
And that´s how the first Diana Patent Wrap (as seen on the image) was born.
But now the cherry on top. Many friends and customers have shyly asked whether it would be ok to wear our gowns outside. The answer is: of course! That´s the beauty of the whole concept. These wraps, gowns, coats (whatever we call them) are multi-functional items. You can wear them as innerwear, outerwear, you name it. And right now is the best weather to take them out for a walk!
Enjoy the lovely Spring!
Kriss x
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