Kriss's Top 5 - February

Let´s be honest, February is quite a depressing. Here are the things that have kept me going this month. Even if it includes too much daydreaming...
Travel: Hawaii
Me and my husband had the chance of spending 3 weeks in sunny Hawaii for our honeymoon end of last year. Immediately after the trip I was happy to be back in Europe, but now I miss it and relive the memories every day. The good news is that I got a lot of inspiration for our next SS16 collection from the trip. The blue sea and skies definitely had an influence on the colours of the future collection. But even though I´ve started designing it already, there is still long time to go until we see the final results.
Exhibition: Guy Bourdin
I finally made it to the exhibition at London´s Somerset House. Even though his most active period was in the 70s, his work looks so fun and fresh even today. I was introduced to Bourdin´s work by our photographer Kristel when I first launched the brand 6 years ago. I was immediately drawn to his ability to create photos of products that disturb first, and then delight.
The exhibition is open until March. It´s well worth a visit.
Event: Valentine´s Day
I am really excited about the fact that it´s on Saturday this year. I´m hoping to really spend some quality time together with my husband and do something more than a regular dinner. I am open to surprises but whatever happens this Saturday, I am sure to wear our brand new Nude+Orange Alison Set – it´s cute, flirty, and perfect for this romantic, sporty or lazy day.
Read: Diane Von Furstenberg "The Woman I wanted to be"
What an inspiring woman! I read the book with less than a day, inhaling it in quicker than any other book before. Shaking between turning pages as I got inspiration and ideas for running my business. Determination, independence, confidence – strive for these and you´ll be successful. And a genius wrap dress won´t hurt as well...
Daydream: Spring
Can´t wait for it to arrive. I´m sure you have the same feeling...