Kriss´s Top 5 - Paris

Now that our #ksworldtour Paris month is coming to an end, Kriss picks 5 of her favourite things in the City of Love.
Maison Julien
On the morning of our #ksworldtour Paris breakfast I had one task before the event - pick up the mini croissants & pain au chocolats for our guests.
When I entered Maison Julien on Franlin Roosevelt avenue, the smell of fresh pastries just blew me away. For a moment I really felt like a true Parisienne. I could really do this more often.
One of my favourite stores in Paris. Over the last couple of years it has definitely become more like a tourist attraction than a shopping destination but every time I'm in Paris I still pay a visit to this lifestyle/crazy fashion destination. From gummy bears to fur coats, you'll find literally anything there.
Cycling in Paris
The best way to get around Paris is on a bike. I really enjoyed cycling on Saturday and Sunday when the streets were emptier. Even the little drizzle didn't stop me from enjoying every minute of it. I cycle all the time in London but the wide Paris streets seemed much more cycle friendly.
George V
The Four Seasons hotel bar is an unbelievably gorgeous place to meet for a drink. Massive fresh flower bouquets escort you from the lobby to the bar. My friend Mari invited me there saying that if I wanted to feel like a real Parisienne, this is the place to be. I must say, the visit there sure made me a couple of inches taller.
Silvia Lace Bra & Maike Lace Knickers
Like the French blogger Adenorah is obsessed with our Silvia Lace Bra and Maike Lace Knickers Set, so are we. This luxe lingerie set has definitely been inspired by true French chic. It´s simple with amazing details. It´s everyday glam. Although we now have 7 colours to choose from, Black is still everyone's firm favourite - sexy made easy.