Kriss's Top 5 – May

Read: The Life Changing magic of not giving a f**k
I am a born stress ball. It runs in my genes. I worry about everything there is to worry about and then feel guilty if I don´t worry about it, so I worry about that. I am on a mission to eliminate this useless stressing from my life. So when this book by Sarah Knight came along, I had to have it. What was great about it was the realisation of actually how much I already don´t give a f**k. That made me happy. But on top of that, it was just purely funny. Good light read.
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Travel: Mexico
End of April I visited the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico for a long weekend holiday. These 4 days felt like a week as it was so easy to get into the vacation mode. With endless white sand and clear blue water beaches, Tulum was an absolute treasure to find. Another find was the little fishermen´s village of El Cuyo, a 3-hour ride from Tulum. Why drive away from paradise? Because of the windy and empty beaches perfect for kite surfing. I feel as long as you stay far away from Cancun, this area is a place I´d love to go back to.
Shop: Selfridges Body Studio
With so many department stores scaling down their lingerie sections, it´s refreshing to see that London´s leading department store has opened a massive new area dedicated to bodywear, swim and lingerie. The Selfridges´ Body Studio is a beautiful airy space with a wide selection of brands. Well worth a visit.
Watch: Eurovision Song Contest
It is that time of year again to gather all of your friends behind a TV with preferably a lot of drinks and snacks and comment on the songs/artists/style/dance moves of the biggest song competition on the planet. And of course I'll be rooting for our Estonian heartbreaker Jüri Pootsmann with his song Play. Tune in for the semi-finals on 10th and 12th of May and the final on 14th of May. An endless source of lunchtime conversations at our office!
Visit: A Brief History of Underwear Exhibition at V&A
Underwear is getting a lot of attention these days and we're not complaining at all. This month we'll be visiting the Victoria & Albert Museum to see their take on exploring the intimate relationship between underwear and fashion. Runs until March 2017.
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