Valentines Love Bomb – Day 3 – Miss Mandalay

Today I wish I had bigger boobs... Because today it´s all about Miss Mandalay - the lingerie brand for every fashion conscious woman with big boobs who's always wanted to wear sexy & luxurious lingerie that actually fits.
I remember the first times I saw Miss Mandalay, I always looked at their banners and thought to myself "Finally a brand that has images of bras for big breasted women that don´t look like boring air balloons". I love the colours and the models they use, the brand is fun and fabulous. I especially loved the Paige Limeade bra for their fresh cuts and colours.
To enter Miss Mandalay´s giveaway today, refer a friend to Miss Mandalay at their website. Once you refer you are automatically entered into the giveaway and in doing so will be signing up to Miss Mandalay´s mailing list.