A Day as a Hippy Mermaid

Planning my wedding has been one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done in my life. Thank you to my husband for this opportunity! Yes, it was stressful at times but with such amazing people around me luckily I didn´t turn into a Bridezilla. Here´s a little insight into how my outfit came together for this special day.
I had never imagined myself wearing a puffy, whipped cream cake-like wedding dress. It was always going to be something simple. As you probably know I am a fan of quirky details, so while I knew the wedding dress would be simple, I also knew it had to have something that made it really special.
The idea of trousers was generated by my mother while we were going through heaps of fashion magazines (yes, fashion, not bridal magazines). My husband claims he remembers me from highschool when I was 14. He was then 18 years old. Sounds romantic, but I think he only remembers my cool wide Wrangler jeans that I got from a second hand shop, not me. So definitely the choice of wide palazzo pants was a bit symbolic. And a complete surprise to him.
Our signature Silvia Lace Bra in Honeymoon White was quite a last minute addition. From day to day I live in the Silvia style, so to make it more special, we customized the edges with small white pearls. These pearls turned out to be my only touch of jewellery. In all honesty I was really happy with the choice of wedding lingerie – no push up, no wires, it was incredibly comfortable and didn´t harrass me in any way. I forgot I was wearing it.
The gorgeous pink hat once belonged to my great-great-great-grandmother who brought it from her first ever international trip to New York. The year was 1970 and she was 86 years old. Initially the hat was much brighter but we spray painted it to make it more subtle and lighter.
As the whole wedding was by the sea on small rocks and grass, it proved much harder to find the right shoes. They had to be wedges to survive the big day. After a lot of research I found the perfect shoes in London by my favourite brand United Nude. I fell in love with them immeditely and will wear them many, many more times in the future I am sure.
Our guests entitled my bridal look as Hippy Mermaid. And I enjoyed every moment of being one! Such a shame that it´s a once in a lifetime thing...
Lots of love,
Kriss x