Between the Sheets: Jana

‘’Between the sheets’’ is an honest series where we bring together KS lingerie worn by real ladieslots of girl-talk & some of their beauty tips & tricks.

Meet Jana Hallas - a creative genius and fashion icon. As a songwriter and stylist, she expresses her true self through music and fashion, capturing hearts with her unique vision. Jana has written the lyrics of the Eurovision song contest songs & designed the image and clothing of the singers. With an undeniable passion and talent for her craft, she relentlessly pursues artistic excellence. In her spare time, she moulds clay into exquisite ceramics (look up Jana Hallas fashionations!), adding yet another layer to her artistic repertoire. Jana is a visionary force, redefining what it means to be a passionate and multitalented artist. 

 Between the Sheets: Jana Hallas (KRISS SOONIK)

What is your favourite item from Kriss Soonik collections and why?

Regarding Kriss' lingerie, I particularly enjoy the intricate details of the suspender trip. At the moment, my favorite piece is the bodysuit, which boasts a stunning combination of colors and patterns.
Between the Sheets: Jana Hallas (KRISS SOONIK)


Have you ever got into a funny or awkward lingerie situation?

I haven't encountered any awkward situations lately, fortunately.

Between the Sheets: Jana Hallas (KRISS SOONIK) 

Between the Sheets: Jana Hallas (KRISS SOONIK)Song to always dance along to?

That's an excellent question, as music has the power to uplift one's mood. However, given that new emotions and inspirations constantly emerge, my favourite music tends to align with these ever-changing feelings and stories. It's a dynamic and fluid experience, without a fixed "always".

Between the Sheets: Jana Hallas (KRISS SOONIK) 

What do you love about your body? Anything special you're doing for it?

What I find endearing about my body is the spontaneity with which it has evolved. I've never imposed strict guidelines or expectations upon it. Instead, I've observed its transformation from a slender figure to a more feminine shape, which I genuinely appreciate. To nurture it, I strive to maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly and cultivate a positive mindset. As for my favorite beauty routine, nothing beats a sauna session. Recently, I indulged in the first sauna of the year amidst the serenity of my home forest. I find scents incredibly significant and the aroma of the sauna and fresh forest air is truly invigorating.

My routines are simple and natural. For instance, during the winter, I enjoy taking refreshing baths that provide a powerful serotonin boost. I also love going for a jog or a seaside walk while listening to my favorite music. When it comes to workout attire, I prefer comfort over flashy gym clothes. In the past, I turned to yoga for inner balance during a few seasons when my son was young. Generally, I let my instincts guide me and engage in activities that align with my prevailing emotions.

Between the Sheets: Jana Hallas (KRISS SOONIK) 

Name your favourite beauty product or trick that has changed your beauty routine.

I don't rely on any tricks or specific products for my beauty regimen. However, I make an effort to stay hydrated by drinking water even when I don't feel like it. I regularly moisturize my skin with cream. I don't believe in the miraculous powers of creams or other beauty products. Instead, I believe that external beauty emanates from a healthy inner well-being.

Between the Sheets: Jana Hallas (KRISS SOONIK) 

How did you find ceramics?

I embarked on my ceramics journey out of a desire to create something that matched my vision and couldn't be found elsewhere. Specifically, I craft clay vessels with the nostalgic aesthetics of old-school enamelware, reminiscent of my grandmother's cherished items. There's a profound emotional significance attached to this craft, making it all the more special to me.

Between the Sheets: Jana Hallas (KRISS SOONIK)

Photos by our talented Johanna Oden