Celebrating 15 Years of Memories

Fifteen years of growth, achievement, and camaraderie - what a milestone to celebrate! The excitement was palpable as our journey of 15 remarkable years culminated in an unforgettable birthday party at the enchanting Paavli Kultuurivabrik.
Stepping into the serene embrace of the Paavli Kultuurivabrik garden was an experience in itself. The verdant surroundings, meticulously curated blooms, and the serene ambiance set the stage for a truly special celebration. It was in this garden that the seed of our dream party was planted.


To those who graced the celebration with their presence, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Your support have been the cornerstones of our success over the past 15 years. It's your belief in us that has brought us to this point, and this celebration was as much about you as it was about us. Your presence illuminated the event, and your laughter echoed through the night.
As we look ahead to the future, we carry with us the memories of this unforgettable celebration and the knowledge that with the support of our community, the next 15 years will be even more remarkable. Thank you for celebrating with us!


Thank you my amazing team: Janne, Johanna and Sandra.

 Thank you to my dream girls Liis Teemusk, Mari Kitsing, Marleen Roosna, Ellu Arula, Adeline Vaher-Vahter.

 Thank you Katrin Sangla, MaxFactor, Wella, Prike and Sokisahtel.

 And of course thank you to the weatherman! This sunshine was incredible!

 Photos by Jelena Rudi

 Kriss ❤️