Donate with us!

Weeks go by and we are still not closer to the horrible war in Ukraine ending. We have donated, we have spread the word but we need to keep on supporting the people, children (!) affected by these awful bombings.

In order to keep raising money to support Ukraine, we have introduced a new "Ukrainian" colourway of our ever popular Kat sleeping mask. Yellow velour with navy French lace is a fresh colour combo for the Spring. All of the money made (after VAT) from selling the yellow+blue masks will be donated to Slava Ukraini charity in Estonia.

Check it out here!

Also, when our amazing Fotografiska Tallinn exhibition ended, we decided to sell one of the prints to raise money for the Slava Ukraini charity. The print is huge (180 x 130 cm), beautifully framed, under a glass. Unique, one-off photo print by the super talented photographer Kevin Pineda of our winter campaign. The price is 1200 EUR and the entire amount will go straight to Slava Ukraini charity. It’s with Tallinn studio pick-up only. So if you have thought about donating but haven´t got around to it yet, here´s a little motivation.

 Please email if you want to make the donation and receive this beautiful print as a little thank you from us!