Hottest Spring Trend - Bra tops

One of the hottest trends of Spring 2021 that keeps popping up everywhere is bra tops. Or as Elle UK calls them - brops.
This has been our speciality since we launched the brand in 2009. For us it´s always been about bras that are cool enough to show off and not just hide under layers of clothes.

Fashion´s love affair with bras is nothing new, it´s been around for ages. From corsets to a peeking bra strap to bras under sheer blouses. But this trend is a bit different.
It´s more mature, a bit sporty. It´s not meant for seducing anyone. It´s about feeling comfortable and not really giving a damn. When matching the bra with high-waisted jeans and a smart blazer you can dress it up or down as you wish.

One of the best pieces to try out this trend with is our Ilona Velvet Bra. It´s sporty, has all the right detailing and is easy to style. You can also try our brand new Krista Bra Top, the nice sheen of the fabric adds a touch of elegance to the look.

But our top tip when it comes to bra tops? If you are uncomfortable wearing them in public, we hear you! Why not try a bikini top instead? Our Ilona, Meg or Pia bikini tops are just perfect to give the trend a go. They are meant to be worn out, so why not on the city streets?