It's not very often that our long-term customer, the one and only Courtney Love promotes our bras on British Vogue FB page. But she is not the only satisfied client. When you find the right fit, you don't want to take our bras off.
So we decided to put together a guide how to choose your Kriss Soonik bra.


We have 3 main bra styles - Silvia, Alison & Piret. When Silvia is more for the A & B cups, then Alison fits best on a B & C and Piret is perfect for a C or D cup. All bras are made from our Classic French lace, have the signature wide elastic underbust and are decorated with satin box bows in the front. Both with the Alison & Piret Bra, even though they are soft cup bras they still fit comfortably on bigger busts. The adjustable wide straps along with the elastic offer great support and the cuts really compliment a fuller chest. As with everything else, these delicate bras are handmade in our Tallinn studio.



How to measure your bra size?

The best is to come to our Tallinn Studio and together we´ll find the perfect bra for you. Alternatively, visit one of our stockists to find the right fit. Otherwise, find a mirror and let´s go:

Firstly measure the circumference of the bust at the highest point. Notice that the tape measure should be in contact with the skin. It is also important that the tape is at the same height both in front and behind. Remember the number you got - for future reference we advise you to write it down. After you have measured your bust it is time to do the same with your underbust. Measure your body circumference under the bust, the place where the bra ends. Once the underbust circumference has been measured (and written down), find the range where your bust and underbust size fits. Our size range is only from XS to L but one model fits better to cup A and the other to cup D. You can find the full measurements here.


There are also a couple of things you should notice when wearing a bra:

“The bra cup is too small”

If your bust peeks out from the sides or top of the cup, the bra cup is too small. There should not be any extra bulge. The transition between your décolleté and the bra should be as segue as possible. Another sign of a too small cup is when the bra squeezes your armpit. This should not be the case as ideally your entire bust should fit into the cups perfectly. Additionally if the bra is not against your skin between your bust, the cup size is too small. We have added the wide elastic underband for a practical reason - so it would offer subtle support.

If any of these mentioned problems concern you, we advise you to change your bra to a bigger cup bra. So if you previously tried our Silvia bra then perhaps Alison (or even Piret) would be a better choice for you. In case the problem occurred when trying our Alison bra, we suggest trying on the bra Piret. This way the girth will stay the same but the cup size would suit you better.

“The bra cup is too big”

When the cup material is wrinkled but the band fits well you have chosen a bra with too big cups. We encourage you to try on other KS bra models. So if you were currently trying on the Piret bra (which is perfect for a C or D cup), you could now try on Alison or Silvia. Alison fits best on a B & C cup and Silvia is more for an A & B cup.

“The band is too small”

In case the band cuts into your body and hurts you, the bra band is too small. The band should be tight but not distressing. Bear in mind that as you go up with band size, the cup size should go down (and vice versa). Therefore you might have to change the bra model such as the cup size would be perfect for your bust.

“The band is too big”

If the band behind your back is pulled up, the band size is too big and the shoulder straps too short. You could firstly try to extend the straps. When the back is still pulled up you should try on bras with bigger sizes. If the bra is too loose, try to shorten the shoulder straps a bit. If you can pull the strap more than 5 cm, you are wearing a bra that is too big. You can also try to reduce the belt with hooks if the bra is too loose BUT. Keep in mind the fastenings should initially be on the widest hook because the bra stretches after wearing it. Therefore we suggest you try on a smaller bra.

“The shoulder straps are too loose”

When the shoulder straps slide down they are too loose. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly they might not be as tightened as they should be. Adjust them a little bit. In case you can adjust the straps more than 5 cm, the bra is too big. There is also a possibility the straps have lost their elasticity. This means only one thing - time for a new bra! :)

“The shoulder straps are too tight”

If the band behind your back is pulled up or the straps cut into the shoulders, chances are the straps are too tight. Slightly adjust the straps. Ideally the band should be at the same height both in front and behind. If this makes the bra too loose, the band is too big.

And remember. We make every bra with love and dedication. So if you ever have a broken hook or clasp, or there is something else that's bothering you, please contact us and we'll do everything to fix it for you for free. We want you to wear your favourite bra as much and as long as possible.