Meet Siesta Cats

Introducing Siesta Cats! Our brand new illustration by the one and only Kati Stimmer
Siesta Cats Kriss Soonik
My holiday is in full swing and I'm wearing our new items all day every day. Here I am with the Siesta Cats T-shirt designed especially for the Parco Tokyo pop-up starting on 4th April! 
Siesta Cats Kriss Soonik
Siesta Cats are sassy, independent and courageous. They don't care what others think about them. They just really enjoy being themselves... And taking siestas.
Kriss Soonik Siesta Cats
I am a huge fan of sweatshirts and I'm really excited to be adding these beauties to our collection. You will find me wearing the new Siesta Cats sweatshirts for all my siestas by the sea.
Kriss xx
Siesta Cats Kriss Soonik