Summer 21 backstage

Last week our fabulous team in Estonia shot the brand new Summer/Autumn 21 (yes, we have created our own seasonal shift from the norm :) ) campaign and look book. Here we are taking you behind the scenes to this day filled with splashing around with water.

The message of the campaign is clear. With the hot weather arriving, there´s more public attention on our bodies. The campaign, shot through the glass water containers, is a gentle reminder to be less critical of ourselves. The way we see our bodies is never the way other people see it. Everything is upside down and inside out. Let´s not be cruel to ourselves. Let´s be kind and rock on!

Huge thanks to everyone who brought the concept alive. Sandra Palm for the photos, Johanna Oden for styling and set design, Mammu for makeup and hair, Merilin for being the most gorgeous model as always. A special shout-out to our newest team member Karmen Alamets who took all these behind the scenes photos.