Inspirational People - Inge

For a long time I´ve been planning to introduce you the people that have inspired me. Some of them even so much that they now have items in our collections named after them. These are people that I´ve known all my life or met recently. Either way behind every piece there is an incredible person that has changed my life and made me the person I am today.
And what better time to start than on Mother´s Day and with the introduction of Inge Soonik. Yes,
you´re right, that´s my mother.
The story why the Inge Wrap was named after her started with a boutique meeting a couple of years ago. The buyer, seeing the first prototype of the open back hooded wrap complained, “That´s what my 15-year old niece would wear not our posh clients in their 40s”. I was absolutely shocked as I had imagined that piece to be worn by the most elegant of women.
Confused as I was, I went back home, told the story to my mum and she screamed “What? I´ve had my eye on that piece from the very start. I could easily wear that to the beach!” She put on the wrap and it looked absolutely stunning on her. Better than I had ever imagined. She has always been my style icon, so knowing that she can rock that piece, I got back the confidence that other “non-15-year-olds” can do that as well.
My mum is smart, funny and we are often mistaken for sisters. She is one of the few people in my life that I can trust entirely, unconditionally. She has always been a massive support (yes, you too dad!). Especially so with encouraging me to follow my dreams and make the bold steps of starting a business. With her always by my side, at some point it made perfect sense to get her even more involved. She is now the person in our company that makes sure all the lovely items you order will get to you as soon as possible and in flawless quality. And when it comes to being quality freaks, you can trust me, it runs in the family.
Today the Inge Mesh Wrap is one of our signature pieces that women of every age are intrigued by and if you have a sense of style, you´ll know how to show it off. No matter the age.

Inge Mesh Wrap