10 years, 10 items. Alison & Piret Bras

Next up are two bras from our lace classics mix & match range. For us it all started with the Silvia Lace Triangle Bra. It was new, unique and fresh to the market. Then came Alison for the AW14 collection and years later we added Piret. Finally a perfect range of soft cup bras.


When Silvia is more for the A & B cups, then Alison fits best on a B & C and Piret is perfect for a C or D cup. All bras are made from our Classic French lace, have the signature wide elastic underbust and are decorated with satin box bows in the front. Both with the Alison & Piret Bra, even though they are soft cup bras they still fit comfortably on bigger busts. The adjustable wide straps along with the elastic offer great support and the cuts really compliment a fuller chest. As with everything else, these delicate bras are handmade in our Tallinn studio.



Women often think these are the special occasion bras but that is not true at all! These bras are made to be worn every day and not meant to be hidden at the back of the drawer. They have the comfort factor, sexiness and fit to cheer up your day. When you put them on in the morning you'll feel glamorous, during the day you won't even feel that you're wearing a bra and in the evening who knows what happens :)