Want to come out for a coffee?

Finally a stunning day in London for a BBQ with friends. Well, you have to make the most of the one of five sunny summer days in London.
There I was joking with an old friend that with the pace we manage to meet, her now couple of months old daughter will one day walk past me without recognising me.
And then it struck me. The 3 years I´ve been running the business, I´ve spent most of the time behind my computer. It makes sense with such an international brand but it´s also a bit sad. There are so many inspirational people, things to see and experience. So I decided to change that. With a little help from my lovely assistant Gaia we introduced Social Fridays.
Once a month we´ll be working from a cool London location - a café, museum, maybe the park when we get extra dose of sun. Maybe we´ll even travel to a city near you for a cup of tea. You might want to give suggestions how to wear our items, what colours you´d like to see in the next collections, or just chat about all things pretty. So keep an eye on our blog for dates and locations and next time come and say hi if you´re nearby.