Christmas comes early...

It´s this crazy time of the year again that really makes me want to hate Christmas (even though I am a sucker for it). My Twitter feed is full of marketing posts even from people that I wasn´t aware had anything to sell.
But what makes it even more scary is that I own a business and no doubt Christmas is the time you wait for the whole year. The constant battle in my head is how not to annoy people versus how to stay visible to customers and help them get the perfect gift.
So I take a deep breath, listen to Wham's 'Last Christmas' and try to stay positive.
Because then I think, this is one of the few times a year (if not the only) when you make time to actually find out what your loved ones want. I am not even going to start explaining how luxurious lingerie and loungewear make a woman feel. The moment when you open the gift box and see something special in there, that is priceless. Men, I am sure you´ll agree that you´d like to see your lady sparkle like a star, so get her some gorgeous designer underwear. We have plenty.
On the other hand, I absolutely loved the Harvey Nichols ads. Finally, someone said out loud what most people actually think. Enough of the hinting that no-one gets. Let me please buy my own gifts! So ladies, we all know we have worked hard this year and it´s absolutely fine to treat ourselves this Christmas. Won´t look egoistic at all. Guaranteed.
How do I make it through the pre-Christmas madness then? Smile and think how to make my family and customers smile. Plus, it will all be over in less than a month.
Then we can start preparing for Christmas all over again.
I wish you a stress-free pre-Christmas time!
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