Be the revolution!

When I started Kriss Soonik Loungerie in 2009 one of my goals was to build something CoolBrands worthy. I had worked for two lingerie companies that made the list and I saw the excitement it created for them. So naturally I wanted a piece of it.
For me it wasn´t a realistic goal, more like a nice dream to have. I do believe that you have to think big or go home. Low hoops are too easy to jump through, so you have to challenge yourself.
About half a year ago I actually went through the Observer Coolbrands supplement from 2009 that I had been preserving all these years. I studied the article “The Rise of the Cool Customer” by Mark Blenkinsop on just how does a brand become cool? This was his five-point plan, offering inspiration to those brands hoping to make the grade:
1.Be the revolution
2.Hire the maverick
3.Accept only 100% from everything and everyone
4.Check your SMV (sensory media value) daily
5.Brand loyalty is dead. Long live brand loyalty!
I analysed which of these we had going on and which we needed to focus more on. It just felt like a fun task to do, not knowing that in a couple of months we´d get the call that we are CoolBrands in 2013/14.
For me it just proves that to be cool you don´t have to be big. With the combination of a unique product, a strong point of view, social media and hard work, you can build a brand that stands out in the modern world.
I would like to thank all our fans - without your constant support we wouldn´t be here today. Because of you I have the energy to dream even bigger and who knows what unrealistic goals we will achieve in the next 5 years.
Kriss x

What are CoolBrands? CoolBrands is an annual initiative to identify and celebrate the UK's coolest brands. The CoolBrands list, now in its twelfth year, follows a vote by a combination of 3,000 consumers and a panel of 37 designers, style experts, media personalities and prominent figures from the worlds of TV, fashion and music. Helping rate coolness this year were the likes of TV Chef, Gizzi Erskine, musicians Laura Mvula and Charli XCX and model, Daisy Lowe. They all scored each brand, bearing in mind factors such as style, innovation, originality, authenticity, desirability and uniqueness. The results are published every September and a selection of the country’s coolest brands are featured in a luxurious, hardback format book, available from all good bookshops.
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