Shed Your Skin

Introducing one of the new ranges for SS15Snakeskin. Don´t worry, there´s no need to complain to PETA. It´s actually a snakeskin-print mesh we are so thrilled about. No real snakes were harmed during the process.
How this range came alive? It was easy – when I saw the material at our French manufacturer´s stand at the Paris fabric show, I fell in love. Of course, at that stage I had no idea what exactly I would design out of the material but I had a positive feeling inside. And now I am really pleased with the results. I think it looks tough yet elegant, sexy yet subtle. It´s cool and modern.
snakeskin (1)
My very favourites from the 5-item range are the Snakeskin Trousers. I know I designed them and I am biased but I can´t stop running around in them. Every time I catch a glimpse in the mirror I see how wicked they are. They basically are harem pants with hip cutouts. They have our signature wide elastic in the waistband and are embellished with The Cat logo metal label. Why I love them so much is that they are comfy yet seductive. They don´t reveal much but what they do reveal is enough to feel sexy. Match them with the Snakeskin Top and you´ll get a cool lounge outfit for the Springtime.
I also can´t write this post without mentioning the Snakeskin Bra because of its invisible silicone straps. A long time ago when I was a teenager and see-through straps were all the hype, I loved them and found them very functional. But then at some point when brands started decorating them with shiny flowers and glitter, I lost contact with them. Let´s say I started hating them. But years passed and there came a moment when I got obsessed with the see-through possibility. So as a result the Snakeskin Bra got the invisible straps that can be worn 2 ways – straight and crossed on the back. Very practical.
I think now´s definitely the time to shed your Winter skin and crawl into something fresh for Spring.
Shop the range here.
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