Kriss’s Top 5 – April

Season: Spring
Most of this month´s top 5 is connected to Spring, so it just made sense to give Spring a prominent position. We are definitely enjoying the warm sunshine and are excited that Summer is just around the corner.
Mood booster: Fuchiko
I had seen these little creatures here and there online but when I saw them with my own eyes in Tokyo last month, that's when I really fell in love. These are the cutest figurines ever! They are meant to hang on your tea cup or water glass but let´s be honest they make drinking difficult and they become annoying really quickly. Therefore mine are now scattered around the house, mainly hanging upside down on vases.
Travel: Ireland
Never my first holiday destination thought, I was blown away by the beauty of the Irish countryside when we went to a Spring wedding over Easter. Castle Durrow, an hour´s ride from Dublin, was the perfect venue with breathtaking gardens & endless green fields. With an unusually warm sunny weekend, I guess the locals were right saying we got very lucky with the weather.
Flower: Tulips
I love flowers but for some reason I am obsessed with tulips this Spring. In the middle of designing the SS16 collection, I feel a lot of inspiration has already come from the beautiful pink and white tulips in our garden. Pink fishnet with white trimmings - bring it on!
Activity: Moving
It´s painful. But new beginnings are brilliant. I really look forward to not living on top of cardboard boxes and unpacking in a new place. A blank canvas. I am glad it coincides with Spring cleaning as it´s easier to get rid of stuff that has been gathering dust under the bed for years.