Tennis vs Lingerie. Game, Set & Match.

People always ask why I became a lingerie designer. To tell you the truth, I have no idea. I think lingerie found me rather than the other way around. It started off as an experiment while I was designing womenswear. I fell in love with it so hard and have never looked back.
Here´s one of the theories.
I was named after my father´s favourite tennis player - Chris Evert - a huge star from the the 70s. My parents believed that I would follow the lead and become a great tennis player. But after 9 years of tennis lessons, finally in high school it became clear that I won't become a professional. That was the moment when I had to find a new hobby and tennis got substituted with fashion design.
Years later, when I was already designing frilly knickers and studying at London College of Fashion, I went through heaps of luxury lingerie books for a project and discovered this image:
Chris Evert Playing at the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament
To my surprise it turned out to be Chris Evert with her infamous frilly knickers. Apparently she was the first tennis player to start wearing fun & playful knickers under her skirts.
So maybe it really was my destiny to become a lingerie designer and not a professional tennis player all along?
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Kriss x
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