Valentines Love Bomb - Day 1 - What Katie Did

The first Love Bomb will be dropped on the fantastic What Katie Did (WKD). I think Katie is a role model for all young, aspiring lingerie designers as her brand was already founded in 1999 and it has gone from strength to strength, growing into a world's leading brand of faux vintage lingerie.
Beginning of every year I promise myself to start dressing more ladylike. High heels, corsets, make-up etc. Of course that promise fades fast as I am quite lazy but thanks to WKD this year it might become reality. Browsing their website I felt I needed many of the pieces to make me feel exactly as I would like to, a bit more Marilyn for a change.
The Cabaret Torsolette(right on the above image) that will be presented to a lucky winner who signs up to WKD newsletter today was just one of the many styles that caught my eye. Still being torn between the black and peach options, I soon found myself lusting after the Fonda Bullet Bra. And then with all the Valentines commotion I thought that the Cabaret Velvet Sophia Corset was just something to die for!
Even by just looking at the pieces I felt more ladylike - all the irresistible silver screen glamour ... Where´s my gin&tonic?