This month we love: Ice, ice, baby.

As September is the beginning of a new season, we are not only launching our “Icebreaker” collection but there are some other changes on the way. From now on every month we´ll bring you top things we are raving about each month. This month our lovely Social Media & Marketing Intern Triin has picked 4 favourites inspired by our new Autumn/Winter ´12 collection.
We watch: Titanic.
Kriss Soonik new collection inspired by Titanic
Cheesy? Yes, we know but who hasn’t seen Titanic? The most romantic, yet the saddest movie ever made, based on a true story. Heartbreaking.
TV channels are playing it over and over again and some of us watch it every single time, eyes watering, wishing for that ‘happy ending’ that never arrives for Jack and Rose. Others watch it just once, and years later we still remember the movie almost as we saw it yesterday. Is it time to see it again? Maybe, maybe not, but soon you will definitely see how much it inspired us for our new “Icebreaker” campaign shoot.
We listen: Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation”.

Haven’t you heard, military is back in fashion! And who is a better representative of the style than Janet Jackson? Our favorite Catwoman. A woman with power, amazing voice and a really cool music. “Rhythm Nation” is the song that´s making a comeback on our iPods this season. Even if the video is black and white, our mind still goes fantasizing about navy colour and gold details. So put on the song and make some dance moves!
We travel: Finland.

Have you ever thought of not going on holiday to a warm country by the blue ocean and palm trees? Let’s take a direction to far north and see what the cold has to offer us. Don’t know about you but we are craving for an extreme holiday and spending a weekend where everything is made of ice. Yes even the beds!
And why this moth we love Finland even more is because our collections have finally reached the cold country. Sofia Store is now stocking Kriss Soonik exclusively in Finland. Keep your eye on the website for updates as there will be a pop-up shop opening soon in Helsinki featuring our collection. Most items perfectly fit for the climate.
We drink our tea: Foxcroft & Ginger.

So when you are wandering around Shoreditch in London don’t forget to visit the coolest pop-up mall BOXPARK where Playful Promises is proudly holding up the lingerie flag. While you are there take some time off. Go and drink a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate that is made with love and care in Foxcroft & Ginger. Nice atmosphere, great music, free Wi-Fi and the best cup of hot chocolate is a perfect combo for a nice afternoon.
Images via: glorybox, theindianfusion, hello magazine.