Our Women: Kriss

"Our Women" is a new series where we introduce you all the coolest ladies who help Kriss Soonik do her magic. We start with our in-house team and of course the first person who we interview is Kriss Soonik herself!
Kriss is the heart of our brand. The one who designs and has always designed every collection. The one who’s determination has got us this far. Kriss always knew she wanted to do her own thing and a lingerie brand with a twist was a vision she had. After working for luxury lingerie brands Agent Provocateur and Madame V, and completing her MA at London College of Fashion, she launched her brand - Kriss Soonik.

See the photos & read our interview with Kriss below:

Describe your typical day
For the past 2.5 years I have been a full-time mum to Karl and been working on a minimum program. When we are in London, a typical day starts around 8am, we´ll have breakfast and by 10am we are out of the house. We go for a long walk into the park, playground, sometimes meet friends. This is the time when I work on my phone, get the most urgent stuff done. Then we head back home for some lunch at 1pm and the little dude takes his daily nap. This is 1-1.5h of full on work for me. Lots of emails, calls with colleagues, maybe even some designing. Whatever needs to be done. Karl usually sleeps up to 3 hours but for the last 1.5h I need to stay with him. So sometimes I do end up taking a nap with him but most of the time I just continue to work on my mobile. When he wakes, we play, we go out and then around 7pm have dinner as a family. Then a bit more playing and when Karl goes to bed around 9.30pm, I squeeze in some more work. Then have a cup of tea and watch some Netflix with my husband. I end up going to bed at midnight.

How do you find balance in life? How do you spend your spare time?
I love walking, running and going to the nature. This is what keeps me sane. Weekends are for spending time with family and taking a trip outside the busy London buzz. Get some fresh air. As soon as I switch off, this is when I find answers to questions that have been nagging me. This is when I get my best inspiration and ideas.

What inspires you?
Travelling and streetstyle. Seeing women wear our designs all around the world. It has been quite challenging during Covid times. I loved my trips to Tokyo and New York and I can´t wait to get back there. But it has opened new ways how to look for inspiration around me. Living in vibrant London helps, of course :)

What’s the best thing about living in London?
Versatilty. The balance of quiet and busy. You can choose what you want.

Do you have any tips to those who want to start their own brand?
Do it! If you don´t do it, you ´ll never know. Be prepared to go through very rough times. But when you are in these rough times, remember this is when the most exciting ideas are born.

What is your personal favourite item from Kriss’ collections and why?
All time Classic Kristel Turtleneck Suspender Top, a new favourite Abstracat Jacket and of course the Kimono Gown.

Photos by Karmen Alamets.