How to survive the freezing cold in your underwear.

There i was standing at the bow of the icebreaker with my hands up in the air. Our make-up artist, Kirki, standing behind me with her arms around me. "Dont look down" i kept repeating.
A month before the shoot our photographer Kristel and I were having coffee in a cosy London cafe. I had just booked an icebreaker for our next shoot. "What if the theme is Titanic?" asked Kristel. I jumped on the idea - we have a ship that was built around the same time as Titanic, it's the Autumn/Winter collection, and I have been the biggest fan of the mystery as far as I can remember.When the movie launched i wanted to see the events of the sunk unfold, not necessarily the jolly dancing and raunchy car scene. Although don't get me wrong, I loved every minute of Leo as well.
Little did we know that our chosen photoshoot week would be the coldest in five years in Estonia. We visited the iceabreaker 3 days before the shoot with -30 degrees celsius outside. The captain didn't really want us to proceed with our plans and tried to convince us to change dates. But we stuck to our stubborn plan - we had already travelled to Tallinn, the models had been booked and deadlines were approaching.
So there we were standing with Kirki 5 minutes before our Leo & Kate (Siim & Tairica) were to come out to the freezing cold. The whole ship was covered with ice and a snow storm was approaching. We had to give them specific instructions where to step, what to grab and most importantly: not to look down.
But with brave models, warm dressing gowns, a bit of cognac and a great team, anything is possible. Our Kate & Leo survived.
Kriss x