Kriss’s Top 5 – May

Travelling has always been my main source of inspiration. Here I have listed a few of my favourite designing spots in the world over the years.
Tarifa - Hotel Hurricane Chiringuito
A short vacation - the best time to design! And what's more inspirational than sitting outside on a calm sunny day watching the ocean waves hit the cliffs. This is the place where many Summer collection designs have been born but I guess the most notable is one of our best-sellers - Kristel Polo Suspender Top.
New YorkFiat Cafe
It was a hot day in New York last week. I had an hour between my meetings, so sat down outside this cute and empty Italian restaurant. Within the next 30 minutes the place was packed and there was a winding queue. I was so proud that I had snatched this tiny table outside! Here the SS16 collection got finalised. Hopefully it will be as hot as that day in New York.
Tallinn - NOP
I have actually never sat there designing but when going back to Tallinn, this is the place where I have a lot of creative meetings, so inspiration starts flowing in a different way. I can also say that once after a meeting I ran to my car and drew down quite a few new shapes. Honestly, I don´t remember if they were any good in the end but it still felt awesome.
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BrusselsLa Brouette
It was October 2008, 3 months before starting my label. Brussels was gorgeous, it was snowing outside and I had a Friday off which was a very rare occasion. I was walking around Brussels when I stumbled upon a brasserie on central square. Sounds touristy but I was sat next to a fireplace and got a cup of mulled wine, so I didn´t care about being cool. The interior was quite dark but I still got my drawing pad out and started sketching. I thought to myself, this is what I´d love to do for the rest of my life. It was probably THE moment when I decided that it was finally the time to launch my brand.
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London - Cortado
Until last month this was our home/office cafe where we got most of our lunches from. It is a tiny hidden gem. Hidden so well that the entrance is through a real estate agency office. Like with NOP in Tallinn, I have never sat there sketching but it was always inspirational to see a colourful gang having lunch and enjoying a good cup of coffee.
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