A Day in Berlin

Last week I travelled to one of the coolest cities in Europe – Berlin. My love affair with Berlin started about four years ago when I went to a Foo Fighters concert with friends. I didn´t think much of Berlin before that trip (it was the only place where we still could get tickets to the concert) but that trip changed it all. I like how big the city is but how quiet it is at the same time. You can see the city developing and slowly becoming the new alternative fashion capital. I seriously think one day was not enough for this trip and I want to go back to see more.
12:00 Visited our first Berlin stockist – the gorgeous Linierie boutique. The shop is located on the quiet Linienstrasse just in the middle of the city’s most vibrant area filled with art galleries, one-of-a-kind boutiques, design studios and concept stores. They are very unique, selling a mix of comfy and elegant luxury lingerie brands not available anywhere else in Berlin. Although so far they´ve only had a small selection of our collection in store, rumour has it that a very cool German rock star has already bought some of our frilly creations. Luckily more stock arriving in June.

14:00 Had lunch at the very sleek hotel Lux 11 restaurant Luchs with Tanja from Impulse PR. Why the choice? Over the next couple of months we´ll be introducing Kriss Soonik to German fashion press and buyers which culminates with an event in October. Fingers crossed the venue for the event will be the very same hotel´s penthouse. I loved the hotel because of its edginess and quirky touches (also describing our brand well). I mean, the staff wear Adidas branded tracksuits, they have a fashion store and beauty salon under its roof - how can you not like that?
I think the only cool touch missing is the Kriss Soonik dressing gowns in their suits, don´t you agree?

16:00 Managed to see the lovely Nicole from Fräulein Kink for half an hour. It really was the fastest cupcake eating in my life. But if everything goes according to plan you might see a collaboration from us for the SS13 collection. After all we are massive fans of her work and the below image says quite a lot of the direction of what our collaboration could be. Keyword: glamorous pussycats.

If you´re interested in working with us in Germany, email us kriss@kriss-soonik.com for more information.
Images author´s own and via www.lux-eleven.de, www.frauleinkink.com , www.linierie.com